Regina’s Craft Beer Scene: Breweries to Visit

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If you’re a craft beer enthusiast living in or visiting Regina, Saskatchewan, you’re in for a treat. This article will take you through some of the best breweries in the city, each offering unique and delicious brews. Let’s dive into the flavorful world of Regina’s craft beer scene.

Key Takeaways

  • Regina has a vibrant craft beer scene with several must-visit breweries.
  • Each brewery offers unique flavors and experiences.
  • Visiting local breweries is a great way to support the community.

Table of Contents

Rebellion Brewing

Rebellion Brewing is a staple in Regina’s craft beer scene. Founded in 2014, this brewery has quickly become a favorite among locals. They focus on creating bold and flavorful beers, often experimenting with new ingredients and styles. Whether you’re a fan of hoppy IPAs or prefer a rich stout, Rebellion has something for everyone.

I remember the first time I visited Rebellion. The atmosphere was welcoming, and the staff was more than happy to help me choose a beer that suited my taste. I ended up with a pint of their Amber Ale, and it was love at first sip! If you haven’t been there yet, I highly recommend giving it a try.


District Brewing

District Brewing is another gem in Regina. Established in 2013, District has been dedicated to producing high-quality, traditional-style beers. Their commitment to quality is evident in every sip. From their crisp lagers to their refreshing pilsners, District Brewing offers a variety of options that are perfect for any beer lover.

One of my favorite experiences at District was their brewery tour. It was fascinating to see the brewing process up close and learn about the passion and craftsmanship that goes into each batch. Plus, the tasting session at the end of the tour was an absolute delight!

Pile O’ Bones Brewing

Pile O’ Bones Brewing is a must-visit for anyone exploring Regina’s craft beer scene. Known for their innovative and adventurous brews, Pile O’ Bones never fails to impress. Their rotating selection of beers means there’s always something new to try, making each visit a unique experience.

I once tried their limited-edition sour beer, and it was a game-changer for me. The balance of tartness and fruitiness was just perfect. It’s this kind of creativity that sets Pile O’ Bones apart from the rest.

Malty National Brewing

Malty National Brewing is a small, but mighty, player in Regina’s craft beer community. They pride themselves on their small-batch approach, ensuring that each beer is carefully crafted with the highest attention to detail. Their cozy taproom is the perfect spot to enjoy a pint and relax with friends.

A friend introduced me to Malty National, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Their Milk Stout is a personal favorite of mine. It’s smooth, creamy, and just the right amount of sweet. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you’re missing out!

Bushwakker Brewing

No list of Regina’s breweries would be complete without mentioning Bushwakker Brewing. This iconic brewpub has been serving up great beer and food since 1991. Bushwakker is known for its wide range of beers, from classic styles to unique seasonal offerings. The pub atmosphere adds to the experience, making it a great place to gather with friends.

I’ve spent many evenings at Bushwakker, enjoying their delicious food and fantastic beer. One standout memory is their annual Blackberry Mead release. People line up for hours to get their hands on this special brew, and it’s definitely worth the wait. If you’re in Regina, a visit to Bushwakker is a must.

Final Words

Regina’s craft beer scene is thriving, with each brewery offering something special. From the bold flavors of Rebellion Brewing to the traditional styles of District Brewing, there’s something for every beer lover to enjoy. So why not plan a visit to these amazing breweries and support the local community? Cheers to discovering new favorites and enjoying the best that Regina has to offer!

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