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Regina Sports Venues and Events for 2024

Table of Contents

  1. Avana Centre
  2. Brandt Centre Evraz Place
  3. Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field
  4. Canada Games Athletic Complex
  5. Major Sports Events
  6. Montanas Brier
  7. Regina Sports Events
  8. Saskatchewan Marathon

Avana Centre

Regina sports venues like the Avana Centre stands out as a versatile multi-sport center in Regina. Hosting a wide array of activities including VolleyBarn, Queen City Pickleball Hub, and the Regina Skateboarding Coalition’s indoor skate park, it serves as a hub for sports enthusiasts. Conveniently located near the REAL District, the Avana Centre is not just a sports venue but a vibrant destination for various events.

Brandt Centre Evraz Place

As a major sports venue in Regina, the Brandt Centre Evraz Place is a focal point for exciting hockey games featuring the renowned Saskatchewan Roughriders, the local Canadian Football League team. Additionally, it is a prime location for events like Montanas Brier. Situated at 1700 Elphinstone Street, Regina, SK, S4P 2Z6, the Brandt Centre presents a dynamic sports atmosphere.

Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field

Known for hosting exhilarating football games, including matchups with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field is set to welcome several compelling games in 2024. Fans can expect intense sporting action and a vibrant ambiance at this iconic stadium.


Canada Games Athletic Complex

The Canada Games Athletic Complex emerges as a bustling sports stadium in Regina, contributing to the city’s vibrant sports scene. With a packed schedule of events, this complex is a core venue for various sports activities in the region.

Major Sports Events

The sports calendar in Regina for 2024 is abuzz with major sporting events, particularly in the Canadian Football League (CFL). Notable matchups include games between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Calgary Stampeders on October 26, 2024, and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at Saskatchewan Roughriders on June 23, 2024, among other exciting fixtures. These events promise thrilling competition and a memorable experience for sports fans.

Montanas Brier

Scheduled to take place at the Brandt Centre, Montanas Brier is a prominent event showcasing various sporting activities such as individual draws and full event passes. Sports enthusiasts can witness top-tier competitions and immerse themselves in the electrifying atmosphere of this prestigious event.

Regina Sports Events

Regina hosts a diverse range of sports tournaments, matches, and offers ticketing options for avid sports fans. From grassroots competitions to high-profile events, Regina’s sports ecosystem provides ample opportunities for athletes and spectators to engage with various sporting disciplines.

Saskatchewan Marathon

Referred to as the Queen City Marathon, the Saskatchewan Marathon is a notable athletic event that also includes the Queen City Women’s Half Marathon. Participants and spectators alike can witness the display of athleticism and endurance in this renowned marathon event.

The sports venues and events in Regina for 2024 present a vibrant and diverse sports landscape, offering something for every sports enthusiast. Whether you enjoy hockey, football, or marathons, Regina’s sports scene is poised to deliver thrilling experiences and memorable moments throughout the year.

This detailed article provides an overview of the prominent sports venues and events in Regina for the upcoming year, showcasing the rich and dynamic sports culture in the city.